Monday, 4 May 2015

Ellis 50 Miler: A really long bike ride


I haven't properly posted anything on here in ages, but...well...there you go.

Yesterday Mike and I completed the 3rd and final Ellis 50 Miler in Hertfordshire.  It was a charity bike ride in aid of a very good cause.

To give this a bit of context, I didn't really do any training and I'd never done a cycling event before.  This isn't my style in a sporting sense as I generally believe in being as sensible as possible and building things up slowly over a good period of time.  The issue was that it took until the weekend before to get me set up properly on my road bike (he's called Dennis) in such a way that it didn't leave me in substantial discomfort for days afterwards.  The sum total of my training was riding 7 miles 3 Saturdays in a row.  That's 21 miles in 3 weeks.  Pretty impressive huh?!  Aside from that I do run (slowly) 3 times a week so just went for the 'hoping for the best' methodology.

We got Dennis and Pedro (Mike's trusty steed) bundled in the back of the car and headed over to stay with some friends on Saturday night.

We spent the evening with occasional bursts of nervous laughter about the forecasted 100% CHANCE OF RAIN. At one point I said "it says 6mm of rain, is that a lot?" at which point I was informed that rain isn't normally so heavy that they need to give you quantities in mm.

We set off at about 8:30am and the predictions were right you know, it really really did rain, windy too!  It did that for around 30 miles and then the sun came out for the last 10 miles and we crossed the finish line drier than when we started.  In all I think we were pedalling for around 5 hours.

It was such a well organised event, the rest stops were brilliant and all the people involved were so friendly.  I'm really glad that I did it and although I'm shattered today, I definitely want to have a go at some other cycling events in the future.

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