Sunday, 20 April 2014

Adventuring around the Peak District

I work in a school.  The biggest perk of my job, if you don't count access to a stationery cupboard and a spinney chair, is the holidays.  I've been revelling in the Easter holidayiness of it all for the past couple of weeks and in the second week Mike and I went away for a little bit of a holiday in the Peak District.

We stayed at the Snake Pass Inn which is funnily enough on Snake Pass (code name the A57).  Given that this was my first stay in that area I wanted to experience it properly and this inn was certainly the place to stay for that.  Getting to the inn was a pleasure in itself as the scenery on the journey was spectacular.  Looking out of the window in our room there was a whacking great big hill complete with precariously positioned sheep.  Then we only had to cross the road, hop over a stile and wander through a wood to get to the hilly goodness.

We arrived there on a sunny Monday afternoon, got settled and had a mini 'splore.

There was always going to be a cycling element to this holiday, we managed to get our bikes and all of our stuff in the back of a Skoda Fabia (wheels and saddles removed).  Tuesday was set to be a day on wheels with a Howden Reservoir in the morning and the Monsal Trail in the afternoon. Mike got pretty involved with seeing how quickly we could get the bikes out, reassembled and ready to roll.  Not too big an issue with his snazzy road bike but mine's a hybrid (she's called Winnie) who leans towards the temperamental so being ready to roll in less than 10 minutes was a bit of an achievement.

On Wednesday we walked up the aforementioned whacking great big hill.  The views were staggering and by the time we got back to the inn, my feet were gently whimpering.

On Thursday we checked out of the inn after a brilliant stay and went for a farewell wander around the reservoir again.

Mike and I absolutely loved it there and plan to go back in the future.

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