Saturday, 4 January 2014

2014: Oi oi!

Hello hello!  I haven't written anything on here for AGES.  Months in fact.  Seven and a bit months as it happens.  That's ages innit?!  But if truth be known, I just haven't fancied it.  Life has had it's typical ups and downs; nothing massively 'orrible but I just lost my blogging mojo.  But I thought I'd perhaps dabble a bit, re-dip ones toe and so on.

And what better time to get re-aqcuainted with my blogging self than to review my 2013 aims.....I fell a bit short....

  • Eat some proper macaroons um, fail but I did however gain more weight than I was happy with and then successfully lost it again.  I am currently the healthiest and fittest I've even been....but haven't eaten proper macaroons. 0 POINTS
  • Read at least three big books that I’ve had for ages and put off as I thought they’d take ages I'm going to give myself a win on this one.  I read Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, Tess of the D'Urbevilles by Thomas Hardy and Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.  The only admission is that I hadn't owned the latter two for ages but they have existed for ages and they're classics so I'm counting it.  My game, my rules. 1 POINT
  • A third attempt at a Good Reads reading challenge.  This year, 25 books total. 29!  Including audiobooks. 1 POINT
  • Get work done on one of my existing tattoos Fail, nothing beyond passing thoughts about it. 0 POINTS
  • Pay off my credit card Progress has been made but it's not completely gone yet. 1/2 POINT (I paid off more than half)
  • Run non-stop for 30 minutes Fail due to injury but I do go to the gym 3 times a week and walk bloody miles each week so I did what I could. VOIDED
  • Visit a minimum of 10 towns that I’ve never visited before hmm, maybe.  Bath, Bristol, Oxford, Chichester, Hayling Island, Arundel, Cardiff, Faversham.  Damn, that's 8.  I went to other places too but I'd been there before. 1/2 POINT (8 out of 10 is quite a bit)
  • Do my first craft fair DONE.  Didn't set my creative world alight but I did it and that's the main thing. 1 POINT
  • Cook with lentils DONE.  Soup and that. 1 POINT
  • Finish my Copywriting course Nope, did a bit but lost my mojo with that too. 0 POINTS

So I started 2013 with 10 goals.  I'm eliminating one (running for 30 minutes) as the injury wasn't due to anything I did wrong, I've got funny mechanics.  So that was a realistic 9 aims.  Of that I completed 5.  It's alright I guess.  Hey ho, can't win em all.

And on to the next.  For 2014 my aims are-

  • Learn to drive
  • Another bash at the Good Reads Challenge, again at 25 books but this year, I won't include audiobooks.
  • Run a 5k- given my injury issues this is a bigger challenge than it seems
  • Cycle 200 miles
  • Embrace the grey and refrain from dying my hair for the duration of the year
And actually, I think that will do.  Those won't be the only things that I'll achieve this year but they're the only things that I want to consciously list and aim for at this point in the year.

Ta ta for now, good folk.


alicestronaut said...

That's some good goal getting I'd say. Well done. x

alicestronaut said...

That's some good goal getting I'd say. Well done. x